Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crimsonstreak II, etc.

A brief blog this morning to talk about progress on Crimsonstreak II. After receiving more than 70 pages of feedback from my chief editorial consultant, I've powered through the latest draft.

The book is now closer to 83,000 words. The original draft pushed closer to 90,000. I cut several flashbacks after realizing I didn't need many of them. The first book is definitely flashback-heavy to help introduce characters and set the scene. Now that I've established the characters, I don't need as many flashbacks.

I'm still aiming for mid-October as the submission window. The revised draft is now back to my chief editorial consultant, who will look through it and see what changed.

I wasn't satisfied with the original ending, so I changed it. I plan to write a sequel (III Crimsonstreak: The Obligatory Trilogy Bookend) and the ending better fits with how I want to approach the third book. Things get REALLY screwed up in the second book, which still lacks an official title.

Some possibilities:

II Crimsonstreak: Team Crimsonstreak
II Crimsonstreak: Still Running
II Crimsonstreak: Always Running
II Crimsonstreak: Multiple Crises of Infinite Running
Crimsonstreak 2: Return of the Kiltechs
Crimsonstreak 2: The Kiltechs Strike Back
Crimsonstreak 2: Crisis of Infinite Morties
I, Crimsonstreak 2: Episode VII: Someone Hit 'Shuffle' on the Multiverse Playlist
I, Crimsonstreak 2: A Storm of Swords
I, Crimsonstreak 2: Totally Not the Avengers
I, Crimsonstreak 2: Multiversal Boogie
I, Crimsonstreak 2: Electric Multiversal Boogaloo