Monday, July 2, 2012

Comic Attack interview

Over at Comic Attack, Andrew Hudson interviewed me about I, Crimsonstreak, my writing process, and a whole lot more. Here's a snippet:
CA: It looks like Crimsonstreak took quite a few influences from the Flash, but are there any other characters that influenced the creation of him?

MA: The Flash comparison is unavoidable since Crimsonstreak is a super-speedster who wears red. I have a side character called Scarlet DashBoy who’s intended to poke fun at that comparison (the Flash, after all, is also called “the Scarlet Speedster”). I’m also a big fan of the Tick. I thought that series did a terrific job of playing with superhero conventions and turning them upside down. It had a madcap energy to it that heavily influenced the book’s style.
Be sure to check out the whole interview right here.

You'll find the original review here.