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I, Crimsonstreak: Framed by his father, “reformed” supervillain Colonel Chaos, super-speedster Chris Fairborne, AKA Crimsonstreak, is sent to the Clermont Institution for the Criminally Insane. A hero surrounded by dastardly inmates and heartless guards, Chris struggles to keep his wits about him, until the arrival of some unexpected new “guests” at the facility provides him with a means for escape. Once out, though, he discovers that the world he knew is gone, replaced by a fascist, supposedly utopian state run by none other than Colonel Chaos himself.

With the heroes of the world locked away or fighting in a disorganized resistance, Crimsonstreak teams up with a snarky British butler and a teenage superhero-to-be. Together, the unlikely (and bickering) allies must take down Crimsonstreak’s dad and set the world right. Not easy when your only powers are super-speed and looking good in spandex. But hey, someone’s got to save the world.

I, Crimsonstreak is a first-person superhero novel brimming with parallel universes, stuffy British butlers, crafty supervillains, cloning, gadgets, and enough pop culture references to stun a Wookie.

A new ebook edition is available on Amazon through Hydra Publications! 

Original publication info:

I, Crimsonstreak
Matt Adams
Candlemark & Gleam, 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1936460267

II Crimsonstreak: Three years after the climactic battle at the Clermont Institution for the Criminally Insane, Chris Fairborne, a.k.a. Crimsonstreak, chases down escaped supervillains while working feverishly to reestablish world governments in the wake of collapse of the New World Common Wealth.

His father, Colonel Chaos, sits in front of a Heroic Legion tribunal to answer for crimes against humanity. His mother, Miss Lightspeed, doesn’t seem herself following her unlikely resurrection. To make matters worse, Crimsonstreak encounters a being of pure speed not even he can outrun.

Sounds like the perfect time for an alien invasion, an encounter with a group of snobbish space cops, and the mysterious return of a long-dead friend with an unbelievable secret.

War will strain friendships. A multiversal threat will test loyalties. And you will believe a man-bird can fly in II Crimsonstreak.

A new ebook edition is available on Amazon through Hydra Publications!

Original publication info:

II Crimsonstreak
by Matt Adams
Published by Candlemark & Gleam, October 2013
348 pages
eBook ISBN: 978-1-936460-52-6
ISBN: 978-1-936460-51-9

III Crimsonstreak: The multiverse is lost—and so is Crimsonstreak. Stuck in a grim alternate reality without his superspeed, the quick-witted hero grows increasingly despondent.

But the stakes are even higher than he thinks: the villainous Orange Bands plan to destroy the multiverse—and they’ll start by changing the past on Crimsonstreak’s own Earth.

Plunged into the 1970s, our hero finds himself in a world where Miss Lightspeed and Colonel Chaos never met—where the Crusading Comet is Warren Kensington II and Mortimer P. Willoughby’s hair is no longer gray.

He’ll try to convince a mother who doesn’t even know him to help his cause—and steer a Colonel Chaos bent on world domination toward a path of redemption. (forthcoming)

Super Anthology: A superhero desperately in need of a bank loan. A sidekick struggling to find his way. An all-powerful being who chooses exile after a crushing loss. A D-list metahuman thrust into a charity event turned sinister. Two heroes forced to endure hordes of enemies to stop an invasion of Earth.

These are just a few of the stories packed into SUPER ANTHOLOGY: 20 TALES OF SUPERHEROES AND SUPERVILLAINS, an anthology that pays tribute to comic book heroes in many forms.

The anthology includes:

  • Dawn of the Super-Hero
  • The Villain
  • Absolution
  • Vengeance
  • I Took Over the World for This?
  • Cabin Boy Sets Sail
  • The Bank Loan
  • The Courtship of LavaFrost
  • The Washout
  • CLANK: A Family Tradition
  • The Stuntman
  • And the World Stopped
  • On the Trail of the White Knight
  • Old-Fashioned Police Work
  • Last Stand on Cyclonus Seven
  • A Hero in Flux
  • Capes
  • A Little of the Old Magic
  • A God Cries
  • In Memoriam

OMNI: Shadows & Ash (OMNI Series, Book 1): Late nights on patrol. Unsanctioned vigilantes. Co-workers who can fly, morph, or chuck a Studebaker the length of a football field.

Just another day at On-Call Metahuman Negation International—better known around the world as OMNI Corporation.

Emma’s the new girl in Deep City, a town that’s seen some things. And now the company’s founders—legendary heroes united in tragedy—are dying, one by one.

Emma suspects a conspiracy, and a mysterious masked avenger seems to prove her right. Together, they’ll unleash an explosive secret about the company’s origins not even her considerable powers can tame. (forthcoming)

OMNI: Peregrine (OMNI Series, Book 2): Five years have passed since the dramatic events in Deep City.

Emma Davis runs SD1 as the youngest cap in OMNI history. Stark Madigan and Esh Miller have both left the company.

Now OMNI faces a new crisis: the rise of SPEAR, a dark reflection of OMNI operated by the federal government and bent on muscling into OMNI territory.

Obsessed with destroying OMNI once and for all, the ruthless director of SPEAR dispatches her most fearsome agent: the shadowy figure known only by the code name Peregrine.

But unbeknownst to Emma, SPEAR’s secret weapon hides a tragic past that will strain old friendships and put the future of the entire world in grave danger. (forthcoming)

OMNI: Lights Out (OMNI Series, Book 3): Gliders plunge to the ground in mid-flight. The mighty
strength of haulers fails them. Synapses lose their ability to read minds.

A cataclysmic event strips OMNI’s superhumans of their incredible powers, giving the government no choice but to put SPEAR in charge of national security.

With Emma Davis and OMNI’s finest locked away for “study,” it falls to Night Wasp and her mentor, the legendary Blue Phantom, to expose the truth.

While they work desperately to restore OMNI’s powers, they’ll face the world’s greatest threat: a Peregrine who’s fully in control, with no trace of her true self left. (forthcoming)

Sheridan's Hammer: Stranded for ten years on a war-torn planet controlled by oppressive religious zealots, former intergalactic gladiator Sheridan has one goal--to get home. Now a low-paid media systems installer, Sheridan visits a customer with ties to a growing insurgency. Plunged into the middle of a vicious fight between the warring religious factions, he brushes aside his lifelong vow of neutrality, agreeing to lead a daring mission guaranteed to end his exile, one way or another. (second revision)

The Exclusive: TV reporter Kent Carter knows Mayor Harrison Johnson is corrupt--he just can't prove it. Damning documents disappear, witnesses suddenly change their stories, and his talkative sources in the police department don't have anything to say. When a mysterious source steps forward with proof of corruption within Johnson's administration, Kent finally gets his exclusive. He just doesn't expect his lead story to unleash hell on Earth. (ready for submission)

17th Parallel: A burnout. That’s what they called Marshall Drew. Once a promising young quarterback, he let the temptations of the good life destroy his hall of fame prospects. When a talent scout comes to his hometown offering one last shot at gridiron glory, Marshall agrees, triggering events that offer football immortality at an unimaginable price. (ready for submission)