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Three years after the climactic battle at the Clermont Institution for the Criminally Insane, Chris Fairborne a.k.a. Crimsonstreak chases down escaped supervillains while working feverishly to reestablish world governments in the wake of collapse of the New World Common Wealth.

His father, Colonel Chaos, sits in front of a Heroic Legion tribunal to answer for crimes against humanity. His mother, Miss Lightspeed, doesn’t seem herself following her unlikely resurrection. To make matters worse, Crimsonstreak encounters a being of pure speed not even he can outrun. Sounds like the perfect time for an alien invasion, an encounter with a group of snobbish space cops, and the mysterious return of a long-dead friend with an unbelievable secret.

War will strain friendships. A multiversal threat will test loyalties. And you will believe a man-bird can fly in II Crimsonstreak.

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Original publication info:

II Crimsonstreak
by Matt Adams
Published by Candlemark & Gleam, October 2013
348 pages
eBook ISBN: 978-1-936460-52-6
ISBN: 978-1-936460-51-9

Publishers Weekly: "...the story will nevertheless appeal to superhero fans with its absorbing worldbuilding and its warm, engaging protagonist."

Nerds of a feather, flock together: "This is superhero fiction more in the vein of The Incredibles than The Dark Knight....With the end of the first novel and the start of the second (which follows neatly on from the plot of the first), I was becoming a fan of Adams and a fan of Crimsonstreak."

Interview with Fanboy Comics: In this interview with Barbra J. Dillon of Fanboy Comics, I talk about how I lightened up the superhero genre and discuss progress on III Crimsonstreak.

Bibliognome: "A stupendous, speedy sequel. This book really delves into some great world building."